What makes Portuguese Golden Visa program so popular?

Portugal's golden visa program is one of the most competitive visa schemes in Europe. Many benefits unique to the Portugal golden visa program make it an attractive choice for foreign investors.

There are many reasons why non-European nationals are applying for golden visas for Portugal. The requirements are clear and simple and once approved, golden visa holders can expect the many perks of holding Portuguese residency.

You can enjoy visa free travel to 26 beautiful Schengen countries!

One of the biggest perks of the Portugal golden visa is that once you become a resident, you can travel freely throughout the Schengen area. There are 26 countries in the region which allows for many vacation and travel options without the hassle of acquiring a special visa. Go on your dream holiday to France, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Sweden, or many other Schengen countries whenever you like!

Your family can get Golden Visas for Portugal too – no extra investment required!

As a golden visa for Portugal holder, your family can reap all the benefits as well. Once you make the qualifying investments, your spouse, children, and dependents can apply for Portuguese and eventual citizenship residency as well.

You don't need to live in Portugal to get permanent residency with your Golden Visa for Portugal!

The Portuguese Golden Visa program is unique in that they offer reduced minimum stay requirements. What does that mean for you? Well, if it doesn't suit your needs to stay in Portugal during your golden visa residency status, then you don't have to! There's is only a 7 day stay minimum for your first year residence permit and 14 days for the next two year phases. These requirements make gaining Portuguese residency through the Golden Visa program very achievable and citizenship likely as well.

In 2015, the investment requirements for obtaining a Golden Visa were renewed and reduced!

While it used to be that a minimum qualifying real estate investment was €500,000, the new laws allows for investments as low as €350,000.


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