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Apply for your Portugal Golden Visa today and find out why it is the most popular and attractive EU residency program for investors. Enjoy the many advantages of Portuguese residency and related benefits plus extremely low minimum stay periods.



Experience the many benefits of the Portuguese golden visa such as visa-free Schengen travel, full family residency, citizenship, and more. Discover why the Portugal golden visa program is one of the most preferred and in demand EU residency programs.



Learn more about Portugal golden visa requirements and how to get on the fast track to EU residency and citizenship. Find the perfect investment opportunities while we provide you with the best legal services and expertise every step of the way.

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From the serene beaches of the Algarve to the cosmopolitan city life of Lisbon, there is much to explore in this beautiful country. Fall in love with Portugal’s mild climate, 850 kilometers of beaches, and a stunning variety of natural landscapes.

Portugal has something for everyone with stunning natural features including breathtaking Atlantic coastlines, lush green landscapes, and fruitful vineyards. Enjoy Portugal’s eclectic cultural heritage, colourful old towns, magnificent churches, impressive architecture, and much more.

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Golden Visa Portugal

The Portugal Golden Visa program provides a fast track for non EU residents and investors to obtain a residency permit and citizenship rights. Since its launch in 2012, the Golden Visa Portugal program has granted many investors with an expedited residency permit allowing free travel access within a majority of European countries (Schengen area).

There are many advantages and benefits to obtaining a Portuguese Golden Visa. In addition to the ability to live and work in Portugal, qualifying applicants can travel freely though Portugal and all 26 European countries included in the Schengen area. Visa benefits are extended to family members with no additional investment required. Applicants can apply for permanent residency after only five years, and citizenship after six years without the need of living in Portugal. Plus, there are extremely minimum stay periods required for the renewal of a residency permit.

The Portugal Golden Visa program is a very flexible and clear-cut process. Through one of several investment options, applicants can easily acquire a Golden Visa for Portugal. Approved investments include acquisition of real estate of at least €500,000 or purchase of Urban Renewal property of at least €350,000. Investors can also qualify for the golden visa program through transfer of capital of €1,000,000, the investment of €200,000 in companies that fall under the ‘Plan of Recovery or Revitalization’, €350,000 in funds for the creation or advancement of Portuguese businesses, or the creation of over 10 permanent jobs.

The Portugal Golden Visa requirements are straightforward. The many benefits and ease of acquiring a Portuguese Golden Visa has attracted

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