Portugal Investor Visa

portugal investor visa

Invest in beautiful Portugal and qualify for the most attractive EU residency program. There are many options to help you meet the requirements to acquire a Portugal investor visa.

You can meet the criteria of the Golden Visa program by investing in Portugal mainly via property purchase, capital transfer, and job creation. Learn more about how you can obtain residency and eventual Portugal citizenship by investment conversion yourself into an elegível applicant for the investor visa in 2018..

How to qualify for a Golden Visa through investment in Portugal:

Real Estate Purchase:

  • The acquisition of real estate property valued at or above € 500,000 anywhere in the country if commercial or residential if located in the interior registion or the portuguese islands.
  • The acquisition of real estate property that is 30 years or older and located in urban regeneration areas valued at or under reconstruction can be purchased for €350,000, if in the interior regions or 280,000 if located in low density areas as well.

Capital Transfer:

  • Transfer of capital with a value equal to or above €1,500,000.
  • Transfer of capital with a value equal to or above €350,000 which invests in research activities conducted by scientific research institutions involved in the national scientific or technologic system.
  • Transfer of capital with a value equal to or above €250,000 which invest in Arts and Culture.
  • Transfer of capital with a value equal to or above €200,000 for purchasing shares in investment funds or in venture capital geared to capitalize small and medium companies in businesses that fall under the ‘Plan of Recovery or Revitalization

Job Creation:

  • The creation of at least, 10 permanent job positions.

By investing in Portugal you will get on the fast track to obtaining a Portugal investors visa. An outstanding benefit and one of the main advantages is that your family can also join the Golden Visa program without requiring further investment activities. Spouses, children, and dependents all qualify for the Golden Visa through your investment in Portugal.

It’s easy to obtain EU residency through investing in Portugal’s profitable real estate sector. Once you have a golden visa, we can help you through the process of obtaining Portugal citizenship by investment.


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