Your Golden Ticket – Portuguese Golden Visa Program

The Portugal golden visa scheme has proved to be one of the most attractive options for obtaining an EU residency permit through investment activity. With the ability to profit on its secure and fast developing market, foreign investors have shown much interest in Portugal and its rewarding golden visa program.

Though it was launched by Portuguese authorities in 2012, new laws passed in 2015 have made the program even more flexible and sought after. With improved Portugal Golden Visa requirements, getting a residence permit has become easier with more investment options being added.

Previous to the new amendment established in 2015, the minimum qualifying real estate purchase was valued at €500,000. Thanks to the new law, many more investment opportunities are possible with real estate purchase minimum as low as €350,000 for urban regeneration projects. This allows many more property investments to qualify including many in the Lisbon district which are backed by the government’s regeneration program.

Capital transfer is another way investors can qualify for a Golden Visa for Portugal. Before the changes to the law were made, it was required to transfer at least €1,000,000 to be eligible. Now there are several more lowered minimum options when transferring capital as a qualifying option:

• A minimum investment of €350,000 into scientific activities;
• A minimum investment of €350,000 into technological research activities;
• A minimum investment of €250,000 into artistic production;
• A minimum investment of €250,000 into maintenance of national cultural heritage; or
• A minimum investment of €500,000 into small or medium sized businesses

With more options for investors, the Golden Visa program has become even more popular with over 3,600 visas granted to date. In addition to lucrative real estate purchases, investors can enjoy visa-free travel in all 26 countries in the Schengen area, tax benefits, education and health care access, and full family residency with no need for additional investments.


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