The Douro Valley

The Douro Valley is known as Portugal’s wine country. Although its mainly famous for its wine, the valley also attracts many tourists looking for a glimpse of the post card pretty landscapes and vistas.

Visitors will be awed by the white-washed quintas and terraced vineyards along the Douro River. There is so much beauty to see in this enchanting cultural region, which has been designated as a World Heritage Site.

The main attractions to visit would be anything port related including vineyards, wineries and more. Head to Vila Nova de Gaia which is located south of the city of Porto on the other side of the Douro River. You can visit the lodges where Port wine is aged. Here you will learn more about this famous Portuguese wine a little better and have a tasting as well. The old boats are still on the Douro river, the same vessels that carried the wine from the wine villas where it is produced to the mouth of river (before the various dams were built).

The Douro Wine Region Valley is the oldest demarcated wine region in the world. With knowledge handed down for thousands of years, man inclined the terraces to expose the grapes to the warm sun which results in the high quality grapes – and wine of course.

Some Wineries to Visit:

  • Quinta de la Rosa
  • Quinta da Pacheca
  • Quinta das Carvalhas
  • Quinta do Crasto
  • Quinta do Panascal
  • Quinta do Portal

Most luxurious places to stay in the Douro Valley:

  • Six Senses Douro Valley
  • The Vintage House – Douro
  • Douro Royal Valley Hotel & Spa
  • Agua Hotels Douro Scala
  • Hotel Miracorgo
  • Delfim Douro Hotel
  • Eurostars Rio Douro Hotel & Spa
  • The Wine House Hotel – Quinta da Pacheca
  • Hotel Rural Casa dos Viscondes da Varzea
  • Douro Palace Hotel Resort & SPA
  • ArsDurium Douro hotel
  • Vila Gale Douro
  • Hotel Lamego

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