The Azores Islands

Looking for a new vacation destination? The Archipelago of Azores in Portugal is one of nature’s gift to mankind. A beautiful stretch of crystal clear ocean scattered on all 9 islands is tainted with scenic sublime green terrain covered with trees. The entire archipelago is the ultimate vacation getaway destination for everyone. They have sandy beaches, art museums, great food spots, beautiful prairies, volcanic craters, vintage mansions, and more. Azores is home to over 250,000 welcoming people and is recognized for their cheerful aura and colorful lifestyle. One more thing to look forward to is their rich cuisine culture that offers bizarre yet delicious selections like octopus wine, stew cooked by hot springs, and most of all, their famous salty cow milk, the tasty Quito do Pico. The lifestyle in Azores is a diversified way of life that includes religion, agriculture, handicrafts, and culture studies.


Gracious in English and Enchanting in Portuguese, Graciosa is also called the White Island because of its amazing landscape with amazing tourist attraction. Start with the baroque-inspired church built two centuries ago, the Santa Cruz Church. You can also roam around the mystical Furna do Enxofre volcanic cave. After that, you can enjoy the view from the Monte De Nossa Sr. Da Ajuda, which offers a beautiful vista of the municipality of Sta. Cruz, the ocean, the green field, and the houses. After a day of sightseeing, the tourists can visit Carapacho and avail of their refreshing sulphur water treatment.

São Jorge

It is one of the Triangulo Islands, the two of which are Pico and Faial. São Jorge is known for its lookout spots, which offer an amazing view of the island and a panoramic view of the ocean. There is the Mirante lookout that contains the image of the Triangulo. The highest peak of the island shows a lined up view of the central islands, the Pico Da Esperanca.


Pico is known as the Black Island and is the second largest of all the 9 islands. The first place to visit is the inviting trail Misterios De Sao Jao. It is inviting in mysterious ways, just like the locals see it. This place is better known as “misterios” because some people claim that a river of fire flows through the area. After the mystery trail, you can make your way to the lava trail. The Gruta Das Torres is one of the longest lava tubes in the world; it stretches for almost 5 kilometers. The Carmelite Conventual House is also a must-stop for its old dragoon trees. In addition, you can visit the Maritime and Naval Construction Museum and the Museo do Vinho. Don’t forget Queijo do Pico.


The Azul or Blue Island is home to rare flowers and one world-renowned marina, The Marina of Horta. It is a famous stopover point for hundreds of boats coming from different nations. The Marina Harbour also features a wall of sailor stories as depicted by paintings. The Peter Café Sport is also is open from 9am until midnight for sailors, seamen, tourists, and even pirates who share stories and enjoy some hot beverages.

Faial can be considered one major area for sea activities. Other than that, the Caldeira lookout is surrounded by rare species of flowers and, of course, a 400-metre volcanic core.


Located in the West, Flores, or the Yellow Island, is a place that can be considered “heaven on earth.” It is mostly visited because of the seven lakes or Sete Lagoas. They are connected by landscapes filled with vibrant flowers and green prairies.

Another great sight to see is the Islet Ilheu De Monchique. This small island is often used by travelers to check their route because it is the westernmost part of Europe. Flores also shelters the hidden waterfall named the Poco Do Bacalhau where people are allowed to swim. There are over 20 waterfalls scattered all over the island, and there is one place where all of them are visible – Fajazinha.


The smallest island in Azeros is a place of the coolest vintage and ancient structures. The CIACC (The Corvo Cultural and Environmental Interpretation Centre) protects all of the historical information of Corvo. It is also said to hold the deepest secrets of the Island. The Caldeirão or the deep crater lookout is said to have a natural outline of all the islands.