Algarve Bike Challenge 2017

Professionals, amateurs, and supporters alike will be especially interested in this exciting annual road bike stage racing event in Portugal. If you are looking for early competitions after getting in shape over the winter period, then this is the place to be- the Algarve! Though you have to be quick as registration has already begun on 30 August 2016.

The Challenge

Since 2005, the Algarve Bike Challenge has been prepared as a 2.1 event, part of the UCI Europe Tour. Bicycle racing challenges have taken place in the Algarve as early as 1960, with 2017 being the 43rd event in the area. The competition is supported by sponsors such as Atual Travel, Gold Nutrition and the local tourism department.

There are two races that will take place starting 3 March 2017 and ending 5 March 2017. If you are part of the elite cyclists that own a UCI licence then you can take part in the Algarve UCI Bike Challenge, reserved for federated cyclists. Enthusiastic amateurs can take part in the Open Race version of the challenge which can also include professional cyclists as it is open to both federated and non-federated cyclists willing to follow the specific regulations.

Challenges are more appealing if they come with a large reward. This challenge will not disappoint you. Apart from the amazing experience you will be a part of, each team will have the chance to win the top prizes of €250.00, €350.00 or €500.00! Not to mention the coveted Algarve Bike Challenge Trophy.

The last two years have seen world renowned Team Sky’s Geraint Thomas of Great Britain win the competition.

About the Algarve

Whether you are participating in the event or an avid supporter of biking competitions, you will love the setting of this race. In the south of Portugal, the Algarve has earned its reputation as beautiful, historic and diverse. The region contains a mixture of mountains, crags, caves and beaches, which when set as backdrops for the white-washed houses with unique chimneys combined with spectacular lighting, you will find that it makes for a photographer’s dream!

Those daring enough to attempt the challenge will have a special treat. The race will give you a first-hand tour of the typical ancient streets of Tavira; expect a labyrinth of tunnels, steps and narrow passageways.

Feel your adrenaline kick in as you climb up the steeper regions making your way along the technical trails and single tracks in the Serra de Tavira and the Serra do Caldeirão peaks. As you rise and fall with the stunning Portuguese landscape you will truly feel at one with nature. Discover nature’s fun side as you traverse the different streams and valleys along the coast.

How to Register

To register, go to the main webpage and follow the instructions on the registration page. You will have to choose whether your team will be in the Open Race or the UCI race mentioned above.

The Open Race selection gives you a choice of packages, the first two are mainly race related with the Premium package including accommodation and more, but the Algarve Bike Holiday package takes care of all your needs: staying in a hotel for 6 days, food, drink, bike setup and training sessions etc. this package has it all! It’s the right way to go if you want to enjoy a mountain bike holiday in style.