Sintra Pro 2016

Sintra Portugal Pro is back with its 21st edition of the Body-boarding World Tour in Praia Grande. Taking place September 13th to 18th, this thrilling event is being organized for the first time by the Body-boarding and Surfing Coast Association (ABSCS). The event is under the guidance of Roman Alvarez, the head of the event since its start over two decades ago. The Portuguese beach break is the first of three battles planned for the country.

Praia Grande is the first event of the European leg of this APB World Tour and has been famous throughout past years for as the launch ramp for some of the best Portuguese Body-boarders ever to have competed on the world tour. Big players including Catarina Sousa ,Hugo Pinheiro, Rita Pires, and Manuel Centeno went up against the sports’ best for the first time in Praia Grande, a challenging, ever changing beach break. This year, Sintra presents all the categories of the APB including Open, Women, Dropknee, and Juniors.

The French Pierre Louis Costes has been based in Portugal for the past six years and is the reigning champion in the Open division in his second win in Praia Grande. Brazilian Jessica Becker dominated the competition in the women’s event last year, David Barbosa (also Brazilian) was the Pro Junior champion.

The Tour returns a few weeks later to Viana do Castelo – an iconic location in the northern Portugal- for the second of three events scheduled for the country.

The third event concludes the Portuguese tour in the challenging canyon break of Nazaré, where all body-boarders will be invited to ride the giants. The European leg will include many international hopefuls, but the Portuguese contingent led by António Cardoso Hugo Pinheiro, Manuel Centeno, Rita Pires, and Catarina Sousa will be hard to beat on their home territory.

There will be loads of fun, sun, and gorgeous natural landscapes to enjoy so participants can expect a truly memorable body-boarding festival.

2016 APB Tour | Top 5 Before Sintra Portugal Pro

1. Jeff Hubbard (HAW), 15600

2. Pierre-Louis Costes (FRA), 13000

3. Amaury Lavernhe (REU), 12500

4. Alex Uranga (EUK), 12480

5. Iain Campbell (RSA), 10560

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