obidos chocolate festival

If you are a lover of all things chocolate, then look no further! Check out the 2017 Chocolate Festival in Óbidos and you will be glad that you did. Nothing satisfies a sweet tooth more than an entire day oriented around chocolate and chocolate-related activities. Coupled with the majestic setting of Óbidos and its medieval fortress, chocolate may not be the only thing you fall in love with.

The Best of International Chocolate

At the festival you can see the professionals at work as some of the world’s finest chocolatiers compete with one another to become “Chocolatier of the Year” or to have their chocolate recipe be renowned as the international best.

The children will love the “Kids’ Chocolate House” as they make their own sweet creations that may rival your own if you have been a willing participant in an adults’ culinary class!

When you are ready to walk off all that chocolate tasting you have done, have a look around the detailed chocolate sculptures, purchase unique chocolatey treats for your family and friends from the stalls, or enjoy live music performances before heading back to the festivities.

Entrance and Directions

Entrance fees are very reasonably priced at €3 per child aged 6-11 or €6 per adult. The festival is open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 8pm, giving you 4 different long weekends to choose from to book your visit.

The festival is very easy to get to, with 3 main roads leading into Óbidos itself, however, two ways are particularly recommended:

  • From the motorway A8 North, take Exit 16, head towards Gaeiras and then Óbidos.
  • From the motorway A8 South, take Exit 15, head towards Óbidos.

Beautiful Óbidos

Óbidos is a mix of many facets. Sitting on a hill surrounded by walls, overlooking vineyards and windmills, you can make your way on foot through cobbled streets made narrow by white buildings with terracotta roofs. Having few cars pass by will be a breath of fresh air. Spring brings the medieval streets to life with an array of flowers, and a host of traditional shops introduce you to many local products like a sweet cherry brandy liqueur called Ginginha and a ginger drink that comes in an edible cup.

The citadel from where Óbidos gets its name has a stunning Manueline style castle with a rich history of being gifted from princes to their brides. There are now guest rooms available in the castle if you want a royal holiday. On a dry day you may also want to walk all the way along the castle walls, check out famous artwork from Josefa d’Óbidos and visit the renaissance church “Igreja de Santa Maria” infamous for the wedding of child bride and groom royalty Prince Alfonso V.

If you crave water sports and a spot of sunbathing, then you will not have to go far. The lagoon “Lagoa de Óbidos” is a great nearby spot for swimming, windsurfing, or just a needed rest. For a golfing day trip, you can travel to Torres Vedras found nearby, or you can hit the waves further afield on the beaches around Peniche.

If you do happen to fall in love with Óbidos, then having a look at real estate would be a good move.