This spring and summer there are many exciting exhibitions happening that you don’t want to miss. From visual art to horticulture to science, there are many exhibitions to see over the next few months so mark you calendars and make sure to visit.

Joan Miró: Materiality and Metamorphosis

The Casa de Serralves in Oporto is holding an exhibition of 85 works by the famed Catalan artist Joan Miró. This is the first public showing of Miro’s works that have been acquired by Portugal. Spanning the artist’s works from 1924 through 1981, it mainly focuses on the transformation of style and pictorial languages.

During his career, Miró developed a distinct technique using a pictographic language of biomorphic shapes, geometric forms, and abstract elements. Many of his artworks contain birds, eyes, stars and the moon. The show studies his transformation across various artisitic mediums including painting, drawing, collage and tapestry.

Exhibition Curator: Robert Lubar Messeri
Architectural Design: Álvaro Siza Vieira

The exhibition runs until 4 June 2017.

José de Almada Negreiros: a way to be modern

There is only a couple more weeks to see the anthology exhibition of José de Almada Negreiros at the Fundação Gulbenkian. This Portuguese artist was a major player in the avant-garde scene in the early 1900s and made a huge impression in the art world during the 20th century.

A writer and an pivotal Modernist artist, Almada Negreiros created works across many mediums including choreography, tapestry, engraving, murals, caricature, mosaic, and stained glass.

The show features a variety of the artist’s work that reflect the complexity and contradictions of modernity. There are many paintings and drawings that are closely related to works he completed in conjunction with writers, architects, designers, filmmakers, and musicians.

The exhibition also displays unpublished works that show different aspects of Almada Negreiros’ artistic processes.
The exhibitions run through 5 June 2017 at the Fundação Gulbenkian.

International Garden Festival (Festival Internacional de Jardins)

Visit Ponte de Lima to see the International Garden Festival (Festival Internacional de Jardins) to see the gorgeous garden spaces designed by leading artists. Each year the festival has a theme and works are created within that structure.

Gardening enthusiasts as well as all visitors will appreciate the expertise and effort taken to create these beautiful and natural horticultural spaces.

Many applicants submit their work and 12 are selected to be featured in the 5 month long festival. These gardens are installed in Ponte de Lima and may be visited by the public to enjoy its beauty and discover innovative concepts of creating green spaces.

The festival is held between May 26 and October 31, 2017.


FIESA is an annual International Sand Sculptures Festival held in Pêra, in the Algarve, Portugal. Covering 15,000 square meters and featuring a different theme every year, the festival exhibits sculptures made out of sand. Artists from many countries gather for this event, the only one of its kind held on the Iberian Peninsula.

Skilled sculptors and artists use over 35,000 tons of sand to create these works of art. There is one month period during which the sculptures are made. Visitors can enjoy looking at the intricate sand sculptures during the day and take part in building sculptures during the nighttime activities.

FIERA is open currently and runs until 31 October 2017

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